Recreation planning is necessary in our rapidly changing society as we deal with complex social issues such as rising health care costs, cultural diversity, crime and vandalism, dysfunctional families, environmental protection and economic sustainability.

Such issues present the need to rethink traditional approaches to the provision of community services. This is especially relevant in considering the recreation needs of growing and changing communities and the settings that should be provided to support and encourage participation.

This resource has been developed by Sport and Recreation Tasmania in partnership with Dr Ken Marriott to inform and guide the recreation planning process. It generally targets officers within local government who are responsible for the development and management of community sport and recreation. The resource will also be helpful to anyone wishing to engage in recreation planning.

This Recreation Planning Manual gives a detailed explanation of the steps involved in the preparation of leisure and recreation plans.  This ensures that when planning is carried out it is undertaken in a way that achieves the most effective outcomes with optimal benefits for all sectors of the community. It will provide guidance and resources which will help a range of agencies to better understand the importance and scope of leisure and recreation planning at the strategic level.

This resource is not intended as a prescriptive template. Rather it represents a framework with key elements which need to be carefully considered in the development of any recreation planning for which successful outcomes are desired.


Recreation Planning Manual (PDF)